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Minimalist desk- Examples to perfect the look

I love minimalism- from my wardrobe to my bedroom to my study space. Minimalism, by definition is a style that is characterised by extreme simplicity. Having a minimalist desk can really help eliminate distractions and  help you concentrate on your study. Here are just a couple of examples of beautifully minimalistic desks and some items that can help you achieve the look!

Minimalist desk #1

I absolutely love the ‘foresty’ feel that this setup gives! The dark wooden pencil holder is a statement piece and the green leaves of the plant just pop among the darker colours! There isn’t a lot going on on this desk, which can eliminate distractions, but also make storage harder. Here are a few statement pieces I found that will work wonders with a ‘foresty’ theme like this!

Minimalist desk #2

Minimalist desk

Lighter than the previous one, but still minimalistic in its own way. I love how this theme incorporates some gold alongside the wooden and white objects. The shiny gold objects can be replaced by rose gold if you’re more out there, or black if you want this look to appear a bit darker. Check out the items I found to perfect this look!

(These come in black and rose gold as well. Bonus!)

Rose gold minimalist desk

minimalist desk lamp

minimalist desk

I really hope these examples helped on your journey to a very aesthetically pleasing study space! Here are some final minimalist desk pictures to keep you inspired! Happy study decorating!

P.S.: If you enjoy looking at beautifully organised desks and study spaces as much as I do, follow me on my Pinterest!

Happy studying gang <3

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