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Gifts for the stationery addict in your life

We all have a stationery addict in our lives- you can identify them by looking for the person with 5 pencil cases and smelly highlighters. Buying gifts for stationery addicts can be a challenge- they already seem to own all the stationery in existence! Don’t fret, here are some things that I can *almost* guarantee they haven’t even heard of before! Surprise the stationery addict in your life with one of these gifts!

This to do list is more versatile and convenient than any other to do lists your stationery addict has ever seen! It features a magnetic strip at the back and has 80 identical pages to help keep days organised!

Magnetic paper clip holder for stationery addicts

Don’t you hate it when you dig for a paper clip in a container but they all seem to slip out of your fingers? Help the stationery addict in your life never have this problem again with this magnetic marble paper clip holder. This item will look beautiful on any minimalistic desk as well!

My happy book for stationery addicts

This happy book is absolutely adorable! It contains pages that help you “capture creative scribbles, light bulb moment, ideas and happy thoughts”. It will definitely help you savour those little happy moments of every day.

Game of Thrones fan? These wax stamps will bring out the inner Sansa Stark in everyone that uses this wax stamp! With heaps of designs to choose from, you can’t go wrong with this one!

This cute little journal has over 70 pages that help you monitor your health- from sleeping to diet and exercise. A great journal for making sure you stay inspired to be the best version of yourself.

This isn’t just any old pen holder. This is an OWL pen holder. And it’s rose gold too- bonus! 

Morris the donkey is here to help you remember the things you know you’re not going to! With a handy space for keeping unused paper and a clip to display your most pressing tasks, Morris has got your back. Morris comes in many colours as well if you’re into that.

If this isn’t the cutest little tape dispenser you ever did see, please let me know where you shop!

Hopefully one of these ideas helped you on your venture to finding the perfect gift for the stationery addict in your life!

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