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The Short Story


Hi! I'm Tanya and I graduated high school in 2016. I scored in the top 5% of all the students in my state while having a healthy social life and hobbies. I created this website to help all the struggling high school students out there (I know there are a lot!). 

My aim is to help you achieve your academic goals, help you have a healthy social life and guide you through tough choices that pop up in high school. 

The Full Story 

Being a recent high school graduate, I’ve experienced and seen firsthand how stressful and overwhelming high school can be, in particular the last two years. However, after working through the first tremor of stress I found myself able to meet my academic goals while still having an active social life and enough time to do what I enjoy. After graduating high school with results that placed me in the top 5% of students in the state, I went on to get a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. My choice to study Psychology and the material in this course made me realise that a big factor in my overall approach to life, including schoolwork was that I value mental health.
With hindsight, I realized that I actively used a number of techniques and changed my behaviour in school to look after my mental health while still able to achieve highly. I also discovered that I approached studying differently than most students. I actually developed some of my own techniques to organize my life during this hectic time. This experience and my further insights into psychology and human behaviour made it clear that high school students really need help during the intense last years in high school.
I put my experience and insight into action and developed the Ultimate Study Package that will help high school students organize their study, support positive behaviours and balance in their lives to achieve their academic goals while looking after their mental health. 
I know students have very little time for additional tasks, therefore the package is hands-on and straightforward to apply. Application of the techniques and way of thinking in the package will have a positive impact on your life and support you even after school.

The bundle package includes:
•    three different prioritization techniques which you can easily test, select from and apply 
•    tips for how to think about your study priorities
•    a framework for your academic goals
•    tools to help you prepare for assessments
•    three different study schedules and how to implement them  
•    a quiz to identify your procrastination behaviour and
•    a framework to help you take effective breaks to increase productivity. 

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