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Multiple Choice Questions- the dos and don’ts

Multiple choice questions are easily the most underrated academic related thing EVER.

“It’s only multiple choice don’t stress”

“Just pick B) the whole time, you’ll get a couple right”

Even though multiple choice questions are seen as easy, they are often the worst exam section for many students. Believe it or not, there are actually strategies that you can use to do well in this section (besides picking “c” when in doubt).


You shouldn’t be afraid to write/draw all over the multiple choice questions. Not like the actual area where you circle your answer, but the area where they ask the question. I did this in virtually every multiple choice section I ever did, and none of my teachers/ examiners ever had a problem with it, in fact, many of them encouraged it!

Multiple choice section doodling includes:

  1. Crossing out wrong answers – this helps you visualise the remaining options

  2. Draw tables/graphs/pictures- anything that will help you understand exactly what they are asking

  3. Highlighting parts of the question- if it’s gonna help you answer it- do it!

  4. Stars next to questions- if you want to come back to a question later, put a little start next to it! I actually did this for all of my exam sections, not just multiple choice.


Even if you know that the right answer is b), at least read the other options. One might be ‘more’ right than b).

Also make sure that you have actually read the answer you think is correct. Often, students will see one word that they are looking for in an answer and pick that option without reading the full answer.


Just because it’s multiple choice, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check your answers! You might spot some mistakes that you didn’t see earlier!

Don’t skip questions

If you don’t know the answer to a multiple choice question, never leave it out!

Think about it….you skip it= 0% chance of success, you guess= a chance of success!

Treat it seriously

If you usually just pick “C”, you’re not taking it seriously. Know that it’s often worth just as much as the other sections in your test/exam- so treat it like it!

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